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Rocky River Flows

Today’s Photo – Rocky River Flows
So today’s photo falls out of a bit of normalcy for me…I have become accustomed to processing photos out of order and having no rhyme nor reason of posting what when I do. It really depends on what I am feeling or what kind of mood I am in or sometimes just what someone elses see’s and likes. Yes there are a few (very few I might add) that get sneak peaks to my photos much less get to help choose which one I feel like posting 🙂

So I took this over the weekend (fathers day) – who says that OHIO does not have some decent things to shoot? Well this guy for one….but sometimes you find awesome when you are least expecting it. So this was completely not what I was looking for nor did I expect to see anything like it much less shoot it. In fact by the time we got there I had decided I was not even going to take my camera out…anyways enough of my banter, I liked this one and felt like sharing it – I hope that you enjoy the peaceful scene that I see here – or maybe it means something completely different for you? If so and you feel like sharing please do leave a comment 🙂

Rolling Storm

Not been shooting….
So I cant remember the last time that I actually decided to go shoot something interesting for me, I have been shooting things that I have to but not that I want to – huge difference. So maybe I can get back to basics and go looking for some creative juices to flow…

Today’s Photo
As this storm rolled through I quickly grabbed my camera and took off to try to capture something out of it. I ended up 2 minutes from house (that two minutes was a flat run) and setup to find this dramatic moving of the clouds. I was hoping the storm would slow down and give me more time to setup and shoot but it did not. I often at times like to study the scene and what is going on and then setup at various angles and positions taking a wide variety of shots. This was a holy smokes!!! Just shoot! Here is what was captured….

Peace, Love – two photos today

Have you ever…
Have you ever just looked around and thought – yeah it is time…

Now that can be interpreted in many ways – some people might relate this to their job, some might relate it to their exercise habits, some might relate it to eating habits, drinking habits, relationships, the car they drive, the time they get up in the morning, the time they spend with loved ones the list goes on and on and on. I challenge you to figure out what if any you are saying this with.

Today’s Photo
So today, you get two photos taken after Christmas when we were getting ready to take down the Christmas tree. I was itching to shoot something since I have not shot in a long while, so I grabbed my Macro lens and shot these two. I really enjoyed them, I was using one as a wallpaper for a while but had to move on to something else since it is not Christmas any longer. I love Christmas – is it here yet again?? If you would like a full res of this for a wallpaper just shoot an email or leave me a comment 🙂

Ghost of Christmas Past?

Today’s Photo – Ghost of Christmas Past?
Ok, well not really…but thought that it was a clever title 🙂

My youngest son and I went out Christmas light looking – this old bridged seemed like a great thing to shoot until the rush of others came across it. But while that was happening I got a vision in my head (not that of sugar plums silly) and this photo is the result of that. This is a way over done extreme edit that I dont normally go except certain situations and this is one of them. Feel free to leave a comment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Wonderland

Where is the snow and junk???
So it is Christmas, but here in Ohio someone has forgotten to tell mother nature that we would like to have some snow and stuff…I really love this time of year and with it I would really like to have some cold and snow. I love hot fires in the buck stove, looking outside and seeing snow and frost – all things that go with Christmas time. I am going to do something a little different today and post a couple shots in here you dont mind do you?

Today’s Photo – Christmas Wonderland
There is this great historic place called Clifton Mill that most people from this area know about. Me and my youngest son went there last night and had a great time. We got there early and it was rainy so we waited for it to stop and then went in. Though we should have checked the website first – the lights dont come on until 6pm my idea was to get there early and take dramatic shots of the clouds etc – well that was completely foiled. I am going to have to talk with them really nicely and see if I am able to get them to turn them on early just for me :-D. So anyways the two shots – one of the “program” they hand out and one of the mill and lights. I love going to this place and will back again to shoot more of it. Also as a reminder you can click on any of them images to go to my portfolio and see larger sizes.

Christmas Lights

Today’s photo – Christmas Lights
While shooting with my buddy Jeremi we came across this great scene. So as I shot this he decided to shoot this happy couple on their two week anniversary…now one part of me says – wait he was shooting something that can make him money and I shot only this…but then I look at it and think – I hope someone buys this to hand on their wall 🙂

I think that this one looks so much better than than the Nations tree in Washington which I got to see while traveling as well. Thoughts?

Win a free print!

Win a free print!!
For the Christmas season I wanted to give away a free print up to 12×18. Read below and see if you spy what I spied in this frame. I will give this a week and then enter all the correct answers in to a drawing and the winner will receive a free print of their choice from my gallery of favorites. Comments must be must be left on the blog here.

Today’s Photo – Thankful
We are in the season of one of the most iconic celebrations in the world – Christmas. And as I reflect back on Christmas it makes me think of the most iconic event to many folks – Easter. I remember going to the cemetery where many of my family is resting – kind of morbid and sad I know – but it is a part of life that no one can escape.

So enough of that – this photo is a reflection of Thanksgiving to me – I am thankful for it – are you? I remember sitting there framing this shot and I noticed something very unique – what do you see? Is it the same thing that I see? Leave a comment, if it is correct you will be entered in to the drawing for a free print as stated above 🙂

Life is Good

Yikes – Sorry about that!
Well, I kind of lost track of posting daily photos…the last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. However I am back now and hope to get a few in the queue and ready to post. Holidays trip up everyone’s time – I will try to get back on posting dailyish <----- yes that is a made up word by Moi 🙂 Today’s Photo – Life is Good
So me and my buddy Jeremi decided to go out and shoot at night the other night and shoot…well I decided to go and nudged him in to coming with me. We went to a near by outdoor shopping center where they had decorated for Christmas (my tied for first favorite time to shoot) which I will post some of later. While we were walking around and shooting there was a guy walking around that asked us a number of questions and asked if it was okay to shoot us – I dont recall his name though I do have it in my iPhone (note to self Chris – Email dude)

Anyways I am way off on a tangent here, so I was setting up to shoot a shot had my tripod and camera mounted in the middle of the street shooting and on the last shot a car came down the road (the nerve of them!!!) and I had to pull the tripod mid shoot of a long exposure that made it look crazy. Anyways I got back to the sidewalk and setup for this shot that I thought was going to be meh – you be the judge. I originally thought that it would look great in full color as I usually like popping colors. But I just felt like this one should be BW and so I did the unthinkable and converted it. I might post the color version as well at some point. Anyways – here is the shot, hope you enjoy.

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