What the….

Photoitsu   May 1, 2015   1 Comment on What the….

Heck is going on here?!?!? Well…because I like to try to keep it positive we will just say that it was time for some changes to be made. I have tried to keep all the post and such and will be going through and finding things that are broke or not working soon. Hopefully everything is working…stay tuned…. Photoitsu out

Photo Tip – How to get that silky waterfall…

Chris – how do you get those silky waterfalls in harsh light like you did??? So I get asked this a lot because you have to have a slow shutter to achieve the silky smooth waterfalls. Now you can get fancy with filters and such that make the camera view things a few stops below that allows for slower shutters… Read more »

Behind the scenes – Watch Macro Photography

Today’s Blog: – out of the normal but in to the normal Hello all – if you guys did not know I enjoy watches…I have many and many have me…they are a form of my precious…none really get me going the way Breitling and Casio G Shock though. I hang out on a few watch forums and I have posted… Read more »

Historic Cabin

Today’s Photo This is not far from my house – within a quick walk from me yet I don’t get there as often as I could or should… On this day a storm just got finished coming through and the skies were still reflective of that. Yet the glowing of the light spoke volumes to the mood and overall feel… Read more »

Resurrection – Happy Easter

Today’s Photo Have you ever wondered why people who don’t believe still celebrate Christian holidays? Just seems odd to me…I have always wanted to ask them why but this is usually a hot topic for people so I tend to just let that question be… Anyways – here is a shot that I took at a church in Dayton Ohio… Read more »

The Darks Within The Lights

Today’s Photo I took this today amidst a crazy cavern that you are not allowed to use a tripod. This was a 3 shot HDR handheld at high ISO. I am trying to gain permission to get a private setting and permission to use a tripod. Getting this was quite a challenge, but I am happy with the way it… Read more »

Shadows Revealed

Photoitsu   February 23, 2014   No Comments on Shadows Revealed

Today’s Photo I came across this awesome scene while shooting in Nashville. It was quite “Epic” in my book and I walked around and by numerous times before I decided to stop and shoot it. It took quite a long time to get it just the way I wanted it, but I think that it was worth the wait. I… Read more »

New Site Look and Daily Photo – Dizzy

What’s next on your list…? Well – whats next on your list to do this year? I had a long list of items, but I like to be a bit mysterious so I am not going to come right out and say whats on the list – however if you look really closely and know my a bit you might… Read more »