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New Site Look and Daily Photo – Dizzy

What’s next on your list…?
Well – whats next on your list to do this year? I had a long list of items, but I like to be a bit mysterious so I am not going to come right out and say whats on the list – however if you look really closely and know my a bit you might be able to read the code hidden within…muhahahahhaha

Today’s Photo
Walking in to this place is just mind boggling for those of us that are visually stimulated. I did not know if this was seizure inducing, stomach twisting or just plain awesome with a twist of the others in there as well. This is the second time that I have been there, yet this time it made more sense to me. I often don’t scout out a location first properly but rather go with my gut. However when I find something awesome I do tend to go back to enjoy its visual appeal over and over – this place is no different. I honestly can’t wait to go back there again 🙂

Your Light in My Hand…

Site changes coming….
So I am still not liking the site feel and look – I don’t know if this is because I am searching for something that is not out there or if I just like the change…

I like the way that site functions but I want a whole new look, if this is something you have skill in please contact me and let’s collaborate to get this looking the way I want 🙂

A few surprises and things coming up
So that sounded way more fun than it really is. I have been on a journey over the past year that has me going in different directions than what I first thought I would be going. A friend of mine reminds me that it is about the skill not the gear (there is a gear head in ALL of us that shoot – we all want the gear even though we know that it is the person behind the gear and their skill that is more important). However with that said this year I am going to challenge myself (call it an early New Years resolution) to shoot more and more and also shoot things that I normally would not – people. Now I am NOT going to do the traditional “Sears” type shoots – that is NOT my gig at all. No offense to those that do that style it is just not for me. And with that I want to get some gear to go with it – strobes, backdrops etc. This is where the above reminder comes from – don’t over spend on the best gear, get what you NEED and learn that and don’t over spend – because we all know that times are tough especially for artist.

Secondly over the past year I have been more and more encouraged to share some of writings (in case you did not know – I am a writer also) So look for some of these to be released in limited availability. Those that encouraged me and spoke to me about doing this – you know who you are and I thank you for helping me step out of my comfort zone. We will talk more about that later 😉

Also I sold my first ever show and did ok so I might look to do a few more of these this year.

Today’s Photo – Your Light in My Hand…
So I took this Christmas Eve at Church this year. I am falling out of my normal pattern a bit with processing this and releasing it so soon, however I look for more of this to happen over the next year. Also I tend to shoot a lot of HDR shots – look for that not to show up as much either – and with that a Black and White that could not be more polar opposite of my normal 🙂

She Remembers Love

Today’s Photo
So this is one that I think speaks to many as roses represent love and many other memories and emotions. Some people think that I travel around to exotic places snapping this and that – this I went a really really long way to get – my kitchen…yep thats right this was in my kitchen 🙂


Today’s Photo
Today is the day that Christians celebrate the most important event known. I for one am very thankful for what he did.

Dark of the night

So randomness is something that when you write you grow accustomed to. Though sometimes the randomness gets a little bit to random to make sense out of the random thoughts that often come out randomly… see what I did there – totally random….carry on 🙂

Today’s Photo – Dark of the night
All so often I look for very dramatic scenes. Clouds, sunrises, sunsets, rain etc. All to often this makes me pass up a lot of good shots that I would not normally take. I remember going to shoot this church and I was rushing to find it and beat the sun going down on me. When I got there there was a wedding that was finishing and I had to wait or crash the wedding…

So I had beat the sunset, there were not any dramatic clouds or anything and I sat there getting uptight about the sun going down while waiting on the wedding to clear out I thought to myself well this is going to stink, I made it here, beat the sunset, ready to shoot and now I am watching the sun go down, blue hour quickly fading and I am not going to get to shoot this awesome place.

So after the wedding cleared out I walked around looking at different angles seeing if I could actually get any decent shots. I came up with this one and I am glad that stuck around to shoot it even though it was not what I had planned.

Win a free print!

Win a free print!!
For the Christmas season I wanted to give away a free print up to 12×18. Read below and see if you spy what I spied in this frame. I will give this a week and then enter all the correct answers in to a drawing and the winner will receive a free print of their choice from my gallery of favorites. Comments must be must be left on the blog here.

Today’s Photo – Thankful
We are in the season of one of the most iconic celebrations in the world – Christmas. And as I reflect back on Christmas it makes me think of the most iconic event to many folks – Easter. I remember going to the cemetery where many of my family is resting – kind of morbid and sad I know – but it is a part of life that no one can escape.

So enough of that – this photo is a reflection of Thanksgiving to me – I am thankful for it – are you? I remember sitting there framing this shot and I noticed something very unique – what do you see? Is it the same thing that I see? Leave a comment, if it is correct you will be entered in to the drawing for a free print as stated above 🙂

Life is Good

Yikes – Sorry about that!
Well, I kind of lost track of posting daily photos…the last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. However I am back now and hope to get a few in the queue and ready to post. Holidays trip up everyone’s time – I will try to get back on posting dailyish <----- yes that is a made up word by Moi 🙂 Today’s Photo – Life is Good
So me and my buddy Jeremi decided to go out and shoot at night the other night and shoot…well I decided to go and nudged him in to coming with me. We went to a near by outdoor shopping center where they had decorated for Christmas (my tied for first favorite time to shoot) which I will post some of later. While we were walking around and shooting there was a guy walking around that asked us a number of questions and asked if it was okay to shoot us – I dont recall his name though I do have it in my iPhone (note to self Chris – Email dude)

Anyways I am way off on a tangent here, so I was setting up to shoot a shot had my tripod and camera mounted in the middle of the street shooting and on the last shot a car came down the road (the nerve of them!!!) and I had to pull the tripod mid shoot of a long exposure that made it look crazy. Anyways I got back to the sidewalk and setup for this shot that I thought was going to be meh – you be the judge. I originally thought that it would look great in full color as I usually like popping colors. But I just felt like this one should be BW and so I did the unthinkable and converted it. I might post the color version as well at some point. Anyways – here is the shot, hope you enjoy.

Time to change up a little

Change is in the air
A while ago I decided that the next 10 shots that I did would be black and white. I really hate deciding something like that because I normally do not follow through with it. The above is case in point – I did not shoot 10 in a row that were black and white, however I have shot 10 black and white since then that I like. I have posted a few already starting with “I miss Ansel”, I am not sure what count I am up to but doesnt really matter to me 🙂

So what is the change mentioned above??
Well, I have been looking at a lot of photos lately which is where I draw inspiration from sometimes. And as I look I see subtle things and sometimes obvious things – one of the obvious is the use or non-use of HDR. Now I have mentioned before that I dont always shoot HDR however I do a lot of the time as I just like that style. Here is a sample of NON HDR’s that I have shot “As the water falls”>, “City of Dayton at Night” and “Another Spring View”. I think that I might (and I stress MIGHT – because I might not follow through :)) try the next 10 in NON HDR – we will see how it goes

Today’s Photo
I have always liked these type of shots – country, roll’s of hay and solace. I have never gotten to take one though until this year. This shots are not always as they seem – this looks to be in isolation of everything – but was it??

Different view

Meh, no banter today
Not much to banter about today, so I think that I will just post a photo and move on.

Today’s Photo
Went out shooting today – looking at things slightly different, this is a creative crop of a much larger photo (that I will post at a later date) – the crop was about 200% I think which means that 5D3 rocks in my eyes 🙂

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