What will you do to get the shot?
You will understand this a bit more below, however what are you willing to do to get the shot? I am willing and have done almost anything you can think of to get the shot. Photographers by nature I think do this naturally. Just the other night after a long day working and long day working my schools MMA show and having somewhere I needed to be – me and my buddy Jeremi looked at the fair behind as we were getting in our cars to go home and quickly realized we were both thinking the same thing and grabbed our gear and went off to the find the shot. Did we get it? Stay tuned and find out 😉

Today’s Photo
One thing that I love to shoot is waterfalls. While there is a lot of things that I love to shoot, the ocean and waterfalls/mountains top my list. Living in Ohio it is a bit of a challenge to find two of the things on the list. Now the last one I thought was equally hard…until I drove 15 minutes from my house and found the below. Most people shoot this from the other side – why you ask? Well because that is the side that is easy to get too. So did I? Of course – I absolutely shot it from the “normal” side, however as I watched and surveyed the scene I noticed this pretty awesome cavern type over hang that I thought would be awesome, however it was on the complete other side. So I looked around and noticed a bridge that takes you over the waterfall yet to get where I wanted you would have had to go down a steep hill off the path that was filled with I was sure was epic amounts of bugs, spiders and snakes…so I quickly dismissed that silly idea. Yet I was unwilling to not get the shot, so I did what I always do find a way to get it done. I looked down and had brand new shoes on, looked over at the other side, looked back down and said – here we go! Into the water I went! It came up to knees at the deepest point and it was COLD! However I got over to where I wanted and was able to capture what I wanted. Enjoy!