Behind scenes coming soon!
Well, if you remember a few post back I was toying with the idea of doing behind the scenes videos of the shoots. I did a really quick attempt at this just to see how it went and if I would enjoy doing. It was quite fun! Next time I will get a bit more in to the details of the technical aspect of what I am shooting etc. However this was just some fun (again at least I think it was fun) Chris banter – and there is even a special guest start that joins me – one of my sons! Who is not looking forward to this??

Travel Schedule
Well, in other exciting news I am really looking forward to getting to do some photo travel here real soon! Just added to the list is New Orleans – that might be an achievable mark off the list as it wont be as expensive as say Hawaii. In case you missed it I have a “ Future Locations List Here that I keep adding to – just added to it this week (thanks Cindy!!) and it will keep getting added to as well as getting marked off when I visited a place. I will most likely visit all these places multiple times should I get the opportunity.

Today’s Photo – Fall Pond
So Fall is one of my absolute favorite times of the year to shoot – so you would think that I would be busy shooting like mad during this time right??? Wrong, this year I barely got out to shoot during fall. I did get out one night to shoot at a park that my grandmother used to take me to. As I walked around take photos of this and that I must have gotten asked 50 times if I had seen lost dog. Unfortunately I did not and never did see it that night – I hope that he made it home ok.

So this photo as I walked around I just saw very painterly. It looked to me as if I would see this hanging on the wall at my grandmothers house a painting, so that is the look that I went for – hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it 🙂