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Photo Tip – How to get that silky waterfall…

Chris – how do you get those silky waterfalls in harsh light like you did???
So I get asked this a lot because you have to have a slow shutter to achieve the silky smooth waterfalls. Now you can get fancy with filters and such that make the camera view things a few stops below that allows for slower shutters speeds even in daylight as this was shot but I don’t even own a filter. Not that there is anything wrong with that and they absolutely have their place and time to be used…however I have never shot with one and don’t own one.

So how did I get this?? Well basic knowledge here will help out as I am not going to go through the entire exposure routine on this one…however if your camera is able to shoot at ISO 50 remember that moving from ISO 50 to 100 doubles your setting. The secret for this type of thing is to shoot at your highest FStop in this case F/22 and the LOWEST ISO in this case ISO 50.

So for the below shot I shot this with the following settings:
Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
ISO: 50
Focal Length: 17mm
Aperture: f/22
Exposure Time: 0.25s (1/4)
Date Taken: 2014-03-24 13:54:28
Exposure Program: aperture priority

Today’s Photo: Powerful Waterfall
So there is actually a story to this image. This photo was shot on what we thought was going to be a trip to the top of the mountain where the Chimney Tops reside. It was chilly, we were headed up to the top – got out the car, put on some warm clothes, grabbed the camera pack and tripod and off we went. Crossed over a bridge and there was this totally awesome set of rocks everywhere with water streaming awesomeness each way we looked. I of course said – hey I am going to take some shots here before start up the mountain – you guys hang out and I will be done shortly. OK great! We are going to explore. So I take some shots here and there, climb around up and down these rocks. Take a few photos of people with their cameras and such. I get finished and I go find everyone and to my surprise there is a soaking wet 11 year old explorer with a huge smile…me….ummmmm…nice job slick….are you cold? Yeah kind of – just then jumps again to another rock and *SPLASH* there he goes again…dip number two in the water. By the time we made it back to the car (which I had the best parking spot we could get and this place was CROWDED!!!) he fell in 3-4 times. Now normally this would not be an issue as I am ALWAYS prepared and carry an extra closet in my truck…however that is for me and my truck was a few states over…so yeah we did not make it past go….we did not collect any money (poor Monopoly humor here…) and headed right back to the hotel to get the poor little guy warmed up and a change of clothes. On the way up it was gorgeous, no traffic, perfect conditions. The way back to the hotel for operation “warm change” everyone must have told everyone else that conditions were perfect and that there was no traffic – because on the way down the road in WAS PACKED. so instead of planning to come back up we stayed around the hotel for another hike that was within a rock throw of the hotel. This was also nice – however there is a story for that one as well…but I will bore you with it later…as the camera did not make it out of the bag…

What are you looking at?

Today’s Photo
So I found this little guy at the Aquarium in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Normally when animals are the subject you chase them around all over…not this guy! He looked at me like – WTF are you looking at??? Well…you I thought…smile!

A few technical details –
Camera: Canon EOS 5D III
Lens: 50mm
Aperture: F/1.8
Exposure Time: 0.005s (1/200)
ISO: 1600

Fall Back

Today’s Photo – Fall Back – Fall Colors
One of my absolute favorite times to shoot! I LOVE fall and the colors. Headed up to the mountains for a couple days to see if I can be in the right place at the right time – sometimes photography is about being in the right place at the right time and being able to capture that moment. I am hoping that this happens for me this weekend. Todays photo is something that is out of the normal for me – I usually take the photo, dump it to the computer and process it some time later. Today I literally took this this morning and even made a behind the scenes little hello from me to you. I might post that later when I have better internets. Until then, I hope that you are enjoying fall time and I hope that you enjoy this photo – I had tons of fun making it.

Moody Morning

Today’s Photo – Moody Morning
So here is a photo that is one of those that I saw a vision but left it alone and did not process it for a while after I shot as I often do. When I took this I saw a very vibrant colored morning in the mountains. However processed it, it went in a completely different direction than I originally thought which does not happen that often. However the more I view this one the more I am liking it and thought that I would share it and maybe someone else will like it as well. Interesting side note – I do not typically crop to a certain constraint – for this one I went with a 16:9. I did keep the full version as well – maybe I will post that one later as a comparison.

The View From The Top

Today’s Photo
Well, today’s photo is one of my favorite. It was freezing, and windy and cold and snowy – but AMAZING. On top of this mountain is just a gorgeous view and I could literally spend hours there. Summer time there looks much much different and maybe I will go back to take some shots at summertime.

Behind the scenes video
Here is a little behind the scenes video that I made while shooting…there is a bonus after the photo – the blooper reel!!! Yep that is right I am going to embarasses myself a little 🙂

Also don’t forget that you can click on any photo to view it larger and click on the bottom to order a limited edition print.

Blooper video!!!!
Here you go – enjoy!

Grand Entrance

Today’s Photo
So I went totally out of the norm today and processed a photo that I took 2 days ago. I normally just dump them all and the look through to see what I feel like processing. Most of the time that leads to something I took a while ago – today that is not the case. This entrance was just fabulous as was the rest of the facility. It was like being in an exotic wonderland full of awesomeness that at the same time caused sensory overload at times. I walked and walked and walked then walked some more – why you ask? Here are a few details –

Property Details
6 floors , 2,711 rooms , 171 suites
152 meeting rooms, 600,000 sq ft of total meeting space
Located on over 26 acres

Needless to say – it was crazy. There were seriously times when I just stopped and said – gosh my head hurts and then looked over and went – THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME! Can you guess where this is without googling the details or looking at the phototags etc?


What’s your hurry?
Have you ever wondered why people always seem to be in a hurry? On the one hand I say – stop, slow down, live your dash…and on the other hand I say – GAH!!! They are right life is short get as much in as possible!! There has to be a happy medium.

Today’s Photo
While up in the mountains we came across this great and wonderful the world. I have a few photos from a prior trip up to the top of this same mountain that are awaiting their special day, however I took this a few weeks ago and though I normally process way out of order I decided to process this and see what came out of it. I really liked it and hope you do to – click the photo to see a larger size and you can also buy one from there as well.

I will be discussing this shot on an upcoming Google+ hangout – if you would like to join that hangout let me know and I will send you an invite. We will also be talking photography in general.

Golden Morning at Norris

Where have you been???
Well, I have been all over shooting some but not enough. The weather is warming up and I am excited to be doing some photowalks to not only help teach others and get enthusiasm for photography but also to just get out and have some fun and meeting interesting people :). I have a few exciting announcements that I will be able to share soon so stay tuned 🙂

Today’s Photo
So I was up in the mountains in a place that most cell phones dont work – this is both a blessing and a curse. It is awesome to be able to unplug a bit however when you are addicted to your phone as I am it is very aggervating at the same time. I felt like I was at an intervention or something 🙂

Anyways – the below photo was taken on the morning that I left. We went down to the lake and the kids were getting some energy out before the drive home, and I of course saw the morning fog rising and grabbed my camera. It was muddy and crazy however totally awesome at the same time. The warmth of the sun and the sparkle of the water reflections combined with the rising of the “smoke” was just fabulous. I cant wait to go back and shoot some more!

Behind the Scenes Video?

A while back…
You might remember that I toyed with the idea of doing a behind the scenes video…well while this is not that, this is a kinda of behind the scenes video…but then again not really…you get the picture 🙂

Today’s Photo
so I could go crazy and ramble on and on about various things…however I am not going to – so enjoy the video and here is today’s photo 🙂

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