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The 4th….

Thank you
To those that served, are serving and will serve. Thank you for giving me the freedom to be able to write this. Thank you for the sacrifices that you made and will make. Thank you for putting your life on the line for mine. A debt to which payment can never be repaid.

I won’t make this a long one – I love to shoot fireworks, here are some that I have shot in the past – look forward to shooting a few more this year maybe.

Chris out.


The best…for some…
So in the last post I let you guys know that we got a puppy. Well…it is not just a puppy…it is a Belgian Malinois puppy. If you don’t know what this is you are looking at an incredibly special breed. Now having said that don’t think you need to run out and buy one. These dogs are not for the faint of heart, they take an incredible amount of your time and energy and patience. They have endless energy and annoying tendencies if that energy is not used. No problem you say?? I will walk him…half mile to mile – that will wear him out…WRONG. Let me give you an example – 3.5 miles walk last night still yearning to burn some energy. These dogs must have their minds and energy used or they will be a NIGHTMARE. The average owner should steer way CLEAR of this breed. We did a TON of research and talked to a TON of great people before. All of which tried to talk us out of it and all of which warned us and gave us the nightmare scenarios. And now looking back I would say these very talented and knowledgeable breeders know their stuff. There are times we think – GAH!!! What did we do?!?!?! Why did we do?!?!?! And other times we are good to go and not rethinking our breed or dog in general for that matter.

The trainer
Originally this part of the post was filled with someone that we thought was a good honest person. We had a pretty bad experience that I don’t wish to get into right now (if you know me in person – ask – I will divulge what I can) however through this terrible experience we did end up finding an excellent trainer. Jake took Stryker and turned him into an obedience machine that we are well pleased with.

Max…the movie
I know there are a lot of people that will see the movie Max. This is about a Belgian Malinois – and what I fear is that this movie will ruin the breed much in the same way that Lassie, 101 Dalmatians, Rin Tin Tin etc has ruined other breeds. Be fair to yourself and be more fair to the breed you are choosing – I don’t want a bunch of Mals to end up in the pound and ultimately put down due to someone thinking they can handle them because of a movie. These are special dogs with extra special needs that require a ton of training and a lot of attention to get their energies disbursed. Remember what you are seeing on the screen are multiple dogs that have been trained trained and then trained some more with an expert handler on site carefully watching over everything. Let us learn from history and preserve this great breed for what it is and what it was meant to be.

Your Light in My Hand…

Site changes coming….
So I am still not liking the site feel and look – I don’t know if this is because I am searching for something that is not out there or if I just like the change…

I like the way that site functions but I want a whole new look, if this is something you have skill in please contact me and let’s collaborate to get this looking the way I want 🙂

A few surprises and things coming up
So that sounded way more fun than it really is. I have been on a journey over the past year that has me going in different directions than what I first thought I would be going. A friend of mine reminds me that it is about the skill not the gear (there is a gear head in ALL of us that shoot – we all want the gear even though we know that it is the person behind the gear and their skill that is more important). However with that said this year I am going to challenge myself (call it an early New Years resolution) to shoot more and more and also shoot things that I normally would not – people. Now I am NOT going to do the traditional “Sears” type shoots – that is NOT my gig at all. No offense to those that do that style it is just not for me. And with that I want to get some gear to go with it – strobes, backdrops etc. This is where the above reminder comes from – don’t over spend on the best gear, get what you NEED and learn that and don’t over spend – because we all know that times are tough especially for artist.

Secondly over the past year I have been more and more encouraged to share some of writings (in case you did not know – I am a writer also) So look for some of these to be released in limited availability. Those that encouraged me and spoke to me about doing this – you know who you are and I thank you for helping me step out of my comfort zone. We will talk more about that later 😉

Also I sold my first ever show and did ok so I might look to do a few more of these this year.

Today’s Photo – Your Light in My Hand…
So I took this Christmas Eve at Church this year. I am falling out of my normal pattern a bit with processing this and releasing it so soon, however I look for more of this to happen over the next year. Also I tend to shoot a lot of HDR shots – look for that not to show up as much either – and with that a Black and White that could not be more polar opposite of my normal 🙂

Sea of Shells

Today’s Photo – Sea of Shells
As we walked along the beach, watching the kids play, watching the people from many different walks of life, enjoying a beautiful sunset I stopped and was taking a few photos. I sat down and was trying to get some low shots of different things – and I looked down and saw all of these shells. Normally it would be something that I would just look at, enjoy and move on and not shoot. However I found myself looking at different angles and the like. So I decided to shoot it. Beauty is out there in many different places, challenge yourself to look upon the scene with a different eye and through a different lens – viewing the beauty as it has been placed before you.

3 Golden Hearts

Today’s Photo
One thing about the beach…at the right times it terrible to shoot at, and at other times it is magical. I do not shoot a lot of people shots for a few different reasons, however lately and with nudges I am starting to shoot more and see things differently when it comes to scenes with people. I enjoyed shooting this one and look forward to shooting more like it.


Today’s Photo
Today is the day that Christians celebrate the most important event known. I for one am very thankful for what he did.

Catching The Snow

Today’s Photo
If you read any of my blogs or blips you will see something repeated a few times in text – do you know what that is? If you do drop a comment in here and let me know 🙂

This girl has barely ever seen snow as she lives in a place that snow comes once or twice a lifetime. We were just lucky enough to be together when the snow came, now she has a photo to always remember it by – Capture The Moment


Not much to say today other than…
I cant wait to get home and process from photos! I have a lot that are just sitting there waiting on me to do something with them. I often get asked about photo’s that I have taken and where they are? I must admit that I have a weird workflow when it comes to taking the photos and then processing them. I could probably stand to dial this process in a bit and make it a little more streamlined and structured especially since I tend to be OCD about everything. This is a small part of my life that is a bit disorganized. My process is simple though – go take photos, come home, dump photos to folder, briefly look, if anything catches my eye start processing it but often times they lay there dormant for a while and I come back to them and pluck a few out to process. So you might see an image today that I took months ago sometimes years ago.

Today’s Photo
This little guy came and landed on my oldest son while we were at lunch in a butterfly house. There were a ton of monarchs roaming about and this guy just landed like he was saying “look at me, I am more interesting, turn your camera this way and shoot me!”


Well, Today I am not going to be to sentimental, however I believe in remembering those that are near to you even when they have passed on. There is not a day that has gone by that I have not remembered my Grandmother and Grandfather, today’s photo is hint of that explained below

Today’s Photo
If any of you know me, or my family or knew my grandmother and grandfather you would know why we have these tremendous feelings for them. Today would have been my grandmothers birthday and though she is gone for this earth she celebrates still in heaven. This photo was really captivating to me, as I walked up upon it’s view it said so much to me personally. This is also the cemetery where a lot of my family, friends and friends family have been laid to rest. Many goodbyes have been said here and the somber mood of the photo should be met with the fact that there hanging on the cross is the one that will allow us to see them again. I suggest clicking on the the photo to see it larger (as with all the shots here)

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