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Fall Back

Today’s Photo – Fall Back – Fall Colors
One of my absolute favorite times to shoot! I LOVE fall and the colors. Headed up to the mountains for a couple days to see if I can be in the right place at the right time – sometimes photography is about being in the right place at the right time and being able to capture that moment. I am hoping that this happens for me this weekend. Todays photo is something that is out of the normal for me – I usually take the photo, dump it to the computer and process it some time later. Today I literally took this this morning and even made a behind the scenes little hello from me to you. I might post that later when I have better internets. Until then, I hope that you are enjoying fall time and I hope that you enjoy this photo – I had tons of fun making it.

The City Below

Sony steps up the pace with the first full frame mirrorless camera
So I think that this thing is about as sexy as it comes – and it brings quite a few specs that most are jumping on to the bandwagon – should I jump? Not sure yet….

You can read all about it here – Sony A7r Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Press Release. Now I could detail all the specs etc but you can see them on the page linked – I must say that it intrigues me and is a step in the right direction. Sony has been on a photo terror lately ripping out new cameras, phones with cameras etc – they are showing that they want to play in the Nikon/Canon dominated world. I look forward to seeing how things progress. If Sony wanted to send one out with all the lenses for me to test I would not turn it down 🙂

A few key things that I wanted that the NEX-7 did not have that are now present on the A7 and A7r

  • Better weather sealing
  • Better Auto-Bracketing – this one still has work to do to get to where I would like it to be
  • Netter Auto-Focusing system
  • Built-in WIFI and NFC
  • Better noise-reduction (kinda happens with the FF sensor)
  • Now having said those – I have not seen or even touched one as they are not for sale until December until you are a big name photographer – so I will have to wait to form any opinion on the camera until I get one in my hands and play. I can read and read and read others opinions but this means nothing to me and shouldn’t you either. It is best to go out there and use it and see if it fits your needs. Sure experts can help guide you and every device has it’s pros/cons and that is where it is up to you to form your own opinions and judgement. Like I said – it is sexy looking and I like it – the looks of it – cant speak to function.

    Sony A7r

    What is your favorite city?
    I have been fortunate to get to travel to a lot of really cool places. Not as many as I would like but none the less very fortunate. There are some places that just feel right when I am there, Austin, Gatlinburg, Nashville, Charleston – just to name a few. I cant really pick a favorite – though every time that I think about one of these places I say – “That’s my favorite place!!”

    What is your favorite place that you have been to? What feels like home? Has that ever changed for you?

    Today’s Photo
    Does anyone know where this place is? It is pretty popular and should be easily figured out. It is one of my favorite places to go and visit. And it just beautiful around fall time. I took this earlier this year and drug everyone around and stopped at 100 different places which included quite a few U turns and stop, back up moments. Hope you enjoy 🙂

    Moody Morning

    Today’s Photo – Moody Morning
    So here is a photo that is one of those that I saw a vision but left it alone and did not process it for a while after I shot as I often do. When I took this I saw a very vibrant colored morning in the mountains. However processed it, it went in a completely different direction than I originally thought which does not happen that often. However the more I view this one the more I am liking it and thought that I would share it and maybe someone else will like it as well. Interesting side note – I do not typically crop to a certain constraint – for this one I went with a 16:9. I did keep the full version as well – maybe I will post that one later as a comparison.

    Sea of Shells

    Today’s Photo – Sea of Shells
    As we walked along the beach, watching the kids play, watching the people from many different walks of life, enjoying a beautiful sunset I stopped and was taking a few photos. I sat down and was trying to get some low shots of different things – and I looked down and saw all of these shells. Normally it would be something that I would just look at, enjoy and move on and not shoot. However I found myself looking at different angles and the like. So I decided to shoot it. Beauty is out there in many different places, challenge yourself to look upon the scene with a different eye and through a different lens – viewing the beauty as it has been placed before you.

    Natures Force – Waterfalls

    What will you do to get the shot?
    You will understand this a bit more below, however what are you willing to do to get the shot? I am willing and have done almost anything you can think of to get the shot. Photographers by nature I think do this naturally. Just the other night after a long day working and long day working my schools MMA show and having somewhere I needed to be – me and my buddy Jeremi looked at the fair behind as we were getting in our cars to go home and quickly realized we were both thinking the same thing and grabbed our gear and went off to the find the shot. Did we get it? Stay tuned and find out 😉

    Today’s Photo
    One thing that I love to shoot is waterfalls. While there is a lot of things that I love to shoot, the ocean and waterfalls/mountains top my list. Living in Ohio it is a bit of a challenge to find two of the things on the list. Now the last one I thought was equally hard…until I drove 15 minutes from my house and found the below. Most people shoot this from the other side – why you ask? Well because that is the side that is easy to get too. So did I? Of course – I absolutely shot it from the “normal” side, however as I watched and surveyed the scene I noticed this pretty awesome cavern type over hang that I thought would be awesome, however it was on the complete other side. So I looked around and noticed a bridge that takes you over the waterfall yet to get where I wanted you would have had to go down a steep hill off the path that was filled with I was sure was epic amounts of bugs, spiders and snakes…so I quickly dismissed that silly idea. Yet I was unwilling to not get the shot, so I did what I always do find a way to get it done. I looked down and had brand new shoes on, looked over at the other side, looked back down and said – here we go! Into the water I went! It came up to knees at the deepest point and it was COLD! However I got over to where I wanted and was able to capture what I wanted. Enjoy!

    The View From The Top

    Today’s Photo
    Well, today’s photo is one of my favorite. It was freezing, and windy and cold and snowy – but AMAZING. On top of this mountain is just a gorgeous view and I could literally spend hours there. Summer time there looks much much different and maybe I will go back to take some shots at summertime.

    Behind the scenes video
    Here is a little behind the scenes video that I made while shooting…there is a bonus after the photo – the blooper reel!!! Yep that is right I am going to embarasses myself a little 🙂

    Also don’t forget that you can click on any photo to view it larger and click on the bottom to order a limited edition print.

    Blooper video!!!!
    Here you go – enjoy!

    Harbor View

    I can feel it…coming in the air tonight…
    Here is a CRAZY thought tangent – walk with me here…if for no other reason than to just shake your head at me 😉

    A few sayings that seem to stick with me –
    1. “It is like stupid fell out of the sky and landed on everyone except for me today…” < - - - if you can guess who wrote that - you might score points with me and level up. 2. "Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it's the moments that take your breath" 3. "Did you see that guy?!?!?!??!" Does anyone remember the Phil Collins song "In the air"? This song will have me always - I can remember a movie being shown at drivers education that was supposed to scare the ever living **** out of and it was set to this very song. It is wild how music or words can have such a last effect. Incase you missed it here is a link to the video - Ok, enough banter - on to the photo Today’s Photo
    This is one of those – almost did not happen events. I remember sitting there looking at this sunset, I was consumed by it, I was staring at it, it was staring at me yet neither of us seemed to be moving. My eyes briefly looked around at the scene and how the sun was reflecting off many things creating beautiful rainbows and illuminating the tops of the trees. As I watched, it is like something smacked me right in the head and said “Chris…dummy…your camera is on the tripod, all setup in the other room…and you are not capturing the moment…” Just then I sprinted (one whole room over) grabbed my tripod and camera as if it was about to be taken from me…sprinted back one whole room (mind you this was a very very long 15-20 steps….) and knocked everyone out of the way…everyone refers to the chairs and table that were in my way 🙂


    What’s your hurry?
    Have you ever wondered why people always seem to be in a hurry? On the one hand I say – stop, slow down, live your dash…and on the other hand I say – GAH!!! They are right life is short get as much in as possible!! There has to be a happy medium.

    Today’s Photo
    While up in the mountains we came across this great and wonderful the world. I have a few photos from a prior trip up to the top of this same mountain that are awaiting their special day, however I took this a few weeks ago and though I normally process way out of order I decided to process this and see what came out of it. I really liked it and hope you do to – click the photo to see a larger size and you can also buy one from there as well.

    I will be discussing this shot on an upcoming Google+ hangout – if you would like to join that hangout let me know and I will send you an invite. We will also be talking photography in general.

    Rocky River Flows

    Today’s Photo – Rocky River Flows
    So today’s photo falls out of a bit of normalcy for me…I have become accustomed to processing photos out of order and having no rhyme nor reason of posting what when I do. It really depends on what I am feeling or what kind of mood I am in or sometimes just what someone elses see’s and likes. Yes there are a few (very few I might add) that get sneak peaks to my photos much less get to help choose which one I feel like posting 🙂

    So I took this over the weekend (fathers day) – who says that OHIO does not have some decent things to shoot? Well this guy for one….but sometimes you find awesome when you are least expecting it. So this was completely not what I was looking for nor did I expect to see anything like it much less shoot it. In fact by the time we got there I had decided I was not even going to take my camera out…anyways enough of my banter, I liked this one and felt like sharing it – I hope that you enjoy the peaceful scene that I see here – or maybe it means something completely different for you? If so and you feel like sharing please do leave a comment 🙂

    Rainbow in the clouds

    Today’s Photo
    Nothing much to banter about, not in a social mood today. This was a quick hurry and get your camera and I snapped off the hip before I could really adjust for what I was shooting. Anyways, the tilt was on purpose. Enjoy 🙂

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