Sony steps up the pace with the first full frame mirrorless camera
So I think that this thing is about as sexy as it comes – and it brings quite a few specs that most are jumping on to the bandwagon – should I jump? Not sure yet….

You can read all about it here – Sony A7r Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Press Release. Now I could detail all the specs etc but you can see them on the page linked – I must say that it intrigues me and is a step in the right direction. Sony has been on a photo terror lately ripping out new cameras, phones with cameras etc – they are showing that they want to play in the Nikon/Canon dominated world. I look forward to seeing how things progress. If Sony wanted to send one out with all the lenses for me to test I would not turn it down 🙂

A few key things that I wanted that the NEX-7 did not have that are now present on the A7 and A7r

  • Better weather sealing
  • Better Auto-Bracketing – this one still has work to do to get to where I would like it to be
  • Netter Auto-Focusing system
  • Built-in WIFI and NFC
  • Better noise-reduction (kinda happens with the FF sensor)
  • Now having said those – I have not seen or even touched one as they are not for sale until December until you are a big name photographer – so I will have to wait to form any opinion on the camera until I get one in my hands and play. I can read and read and read others opinions but this means nothing to me and shouldn’t you either. It is best to go out there and use it and see if it fits your needs. Sure experts can help guide you and every device has it’s pros/cons and that is where it is up to you to form your own opinions and judgement. Like I said – it is sexy looking and I like it – the looks of it – cant speak to function.

    Sony A7r

    What is your favorite city?
    I have been fortunate to get to travel to a lot of really cool places. Not as many as I would like but none the less very fortunate. There are some places that just feel right when I am there, Austin, Gatlinburg, Nashville, Charleston – just to name a few. I cant really pick a favorite – though every time that I think about one of these places I say – “That’s my favorite place!!”

    What is your favorite place that you have been to? What feels like home? Has that ever changed for you?

    Today’s Photo
    Does anyone know where this place is? It is pretty popular and should be easily figured out. It is one of my favorite places to go and visit. And it just beautiful around fall time. I took this earlier this year and drug everyone around and stopped at 100 different places which included quite a few U turns and stop, back up moments. Hope you enjoy 🙂