Today’s Photo – Rocky River Flows
So today’s photo falls out of a bit of normalcy for me…I have become accustomed to processing photos out of order and having no rhyme nor reason of posting what when I do. It really depends on what I am feeling or what kind of mood I am in or sometimes just what someone elses see’s and likes. Yes there are a few (very few I might add) that get sneak peaks to my photos much less get to help choose which one I feel like posting 🙂

So I took this over the weekend (fathers day) – who says that OHIO does not have some decent things to shoot? Well this guy for one….but sometimes you find awesome when you are least expecting it. So this was completely not what I was looking for nor did I expect to see anything like it much less shoot it. In fact by the time we got there I had decided I was not even going to take my camera out…anyways enough of my banter, I liked this one and felt like sharing it – I hope that you enjoy the peaceful scene that I see here – or maybe it means something completely different for you? If so and you feel like sharing please do leave a comment 🙂