So randomness is something that when you write you grow accustomed to. Though sometimes the randomness gets a little bit to random to make sense out of the random thoughts that often come out randomly… see what I did there – totally random….carry on 🙂

Today’s Photo – Dark of the night
All so often I look for very dramatic scenes. Clouds, sunrises, sunsets, rain etc. All to often this makes me pass up a lot of good shots that I would not normally take. I remember going to shoot this church and I was rushing to find it and beat the sun going down on me. When I got there there was a wedding that was finishing and I had to wait or crash the wedding…

So I had beat the sunset, there were not any dramatic clouds or anything and I sat there getting uptight about the sun going down while waiting on the wedding to clear out I thought to myself well this is going to stink, I made it here, beat the sunset, ready to shoot and now I am watching the sun go down, blue hour quickly fading and I am not going to get to shoot this awesome place.

So after the wedding cleared out I walked around looking at different angles seeing if I could actually get any decent shots. I came up with this one and I am glad that stuck around to shoot it even though it was not what I had planned.