Going, going, going….
So I have been on the go for a while now, not traveling for photography but rather my normal job. I am very fortunate to have a great job and am thankful for it, I am excited to get back to my normal day to day life after a bunch of travel though. Do you have a job that takes you about? Do you enjoy traveling here and there?

Lot’s and lots of work (and titles that repeat at least one word :))
So I have neglected my processing and photography for a while now, I have a ton of photos sitting there waiting for me to look at them, so many in fact that I cant really remember what I have and where I shot at. I think I am going to change from my uber organized folders and subfolders to one big photo dump that has all my photos so that none of them get overlooked. The problem I have now is having to go in and look at each of those folder…I know the way I currently have everything that I will be overlooking some possible good shots.

Side note – I will be updating the reviews and gear page real soon – watch for it 🙂

Today’s Photo (just a clever title, to clarify I dont care to be a rock star ;-))
So I took this shot while with the Drink N Click crew in Austin one night. This was the drummer for a group here in Austin called Guilty Pleasures if my memory server me correctly. She enjoyed getting her photo taken and was being playful (and not just on the drums smart @$$’s:)). I dont normally shoot this type of shot, but I do admit that it was fun since she was game.

And here is a rare thing from me – technical details of the shot –
Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Tv value: 1/100 (0.01s)
Av value: F/1.8
ISO: 1600
Lens: Canon 50mm (Nifty 50)