Ideas turning in my head
Well, being creative for me is something that just makes me feel better. After a good creative day sometimes I am worn out but sometimes I am recharged. I have a few Ideas spinning in my head that I hope come to reality. When it does, I am sure that you will love it!

Today’s Photo
Well, I was kind of worn out and after heading out to shoot a sunset – and then not getting to shoot the thing because I got kicked out of the park I was shooting…I came back grouchier than normal. Funny thing is I started looking through shots that I have yes to process and I found this shot. It is a familiar tree that you have seen in some of my other shots, however this time shot quite different. I did shoot this in HDR, however I did not process this with HDR. This is a single shot, simply processed lightly in LR4. I was feeling warm when I processed it and hope that you feel warm too. This is not a Bonzai tree…but looks like it 🙂