Where have you been??
Well that is a good question, going through a bit of a dry spell here and being creative in different ways. I plan on getting back to shooting soon though – there are some shots that I want to get before winter and cold get here.

Upcoming tutorials??
I often get asked many times about how to do this or how to do that, how I made this image look like it does etc. I was considering doing a couple “watch me” sessions but that sounded way to creepy! I might do some tutorials I might not and just leave that to the pros. Then again it might be fun to do. I also know that a lot of people are super busy and dont have time for my blog stuff, so not sure if it would help anyone either. When it comes down to it – I just dont know 🙂

Finding Inspiration
I have been noticing that my inspirations are coming from a lot of other great photographers lately but more than that from other arts and artist. I have not been into painting a lot but find myself in awe when noticing something that I have never noticed but been past 1000’s of times. Also I am getting a lot more inspiration from those that draw. This is super fascinating to me. While growing up I had the pleasure of knowing one of the greatest artist I have had the pleasure to know and view their work. I plan on posting more of this story later so stay tuned.

Today’s Photo
Today’s photo is from a historic site that my son and I were walking around at sunset. He was shooting as I was and as the sun went down we both looked over at this storage barn at the same time. My son said “DAD!!! Look at the sunset and it coming through the windows of that barn!! YOU HAVE TO SHOOT THAT!!!” I was not as in to it as he was, but thought, ok I will shoot it just for him. I shot it, dumped the card when I got back and completely forgot about the shot as I had planned to do nothing with it. A few weeks ago I went through my dumps (as I often do – more on that method and madness later) and came across this shot. I spent a long time on it, starting all over after ditching progress. Here is what I settled on, and now looking at it I agree with my son and am glad that he talked me in to shooting it.