What is your favorite kind of photography?
For me, I use to just love pictures of all kinds, then I moved to landscapes, then I moved to HDR, and suddenly I now have a love for all photography again. I am finding myself really liking to shoot things that I would not normally shoot like the past two days photos. I am also liking portraits a lot lately. I find that it breaths new life in to the creative mind when expand our own minds to look at that which we normally would not. That sounded complicated didn’t it? I will rephrase –

Did get caught with your head up your @$$ and dont be a snob and linear in your thinking 🙂

The End is Drawing Near
I believe that end of blogging is drawing near, I have posted quite a few shots and it is enjoyable, however writing a tidbit here and there I can do without. I will keep taking photos and most likely posting them, however banter about this and that I believe will cease – and of course I cant commit 100% to this statement, it is just how I am feeling right now 🙂

Today’s photo
So here is another shot from my garden. I really just started playing around and taking shots of the water hitting the plants etc. Yesterday’s post was one of the shots I took, however today’s is another of a different kind. It is the same shot, but different.