Motion is a funny thing when it comes to capturing it. At times you want to stop it, at times you want to blur it, sometimes you want to stop one thing and blur another – example – panning a race care – you stop the motion of the car but want the background to show motion. In the photo below, there is a lot going on. This is one of my favorite places to shoot – Waterfront Park Charleston South Carolina. I wanted to blur the motion of the water, not have the people in the shot but also capture the flag. It was a bit of a challenge however I did it done :). My wife and two boys wondered around aimlessly while giving me enough time to setup the tripod not be rushed and get the shot. Thanks to them all for tolerating my shooting…Also I plan on removing the watermarks from these – all images are Creative Commons non-commercial and the watermark just mucks up the viewing experience 🙂

Waterfront Park Charleston August 2011 -Seeing the American Flag flying always captures me.