Today’s Photo – Lost Dog
So this is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. This little place is tucked in Folly beach and ALWAYS busy. Two things I love – being in the mountains and outdoors and at the beach – surfing. This Lost Dog is a restaurant filled with wondrous goodness of meals. And when I say meals – I mean MEALS. Thier portion size is crazy you will not walk away hungry. We have been going there for years and each and every time I say I should have brought my camera I really want a photo of this place. The walls are lined with photos from visitors and just because it says Lost Dog doesn’t limit it to that. There are photos of dogs of course, but cats, people, cars etc. It is just a great place run by great people that cook great food. So this year I actually brought my camera and took this shot. Now I am not the type (when photographing) that feels comfortable just getting in peoples way and setting up my tripod etc to take a shot in a place like this. It took me 20 minutes to decide to take the thing and everyone in the entire place looked at me like – WTF is this guy doing…it was great fun… 🙂