Today’s Photo
So I went totally out of the norm today and processed a photo that I took 2 days ago. I normally just dump them all and the look through to see what I feel like processing. Most of the time that leads to something I took a while ago – today that is not the case. This entrance was just fabulous as was the rest of the facility. It was like being in an exotic wonderland full of awesomeness that at the same time caused sensory overload at times. I walked and walked and walked then walked some more – why you ask? Here are a few details –

Property Details
6 floors , 2,711 rooms , 171 suites
152 meeting rooms, 600,000 sq ft of total meeting space
Located on over 26 acres

Needless to say – it was crazy. There were seriously times when I just stopped and said – gosh my head hurts and then looked over and went – THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME! Can you guess where this is without googling the details or looking at the phototags etc?