Today’s Photo
This one was really really fun to shoot. I did something different on this one, typically you find a leading line that draws your eye to the main subject. In this that leading line is reversed, I think that it worked in this situation and am quite happy with the shot. Rules are just guidelines and I think that it is good to try new things. I took a video of this – my very first behind the scenes video, however I did not like how it turned out so I dont think that I am going to post it. Part of the reason is that I took it setup in portrait mode and I shot this in both portrait and landscape and liked the landscape better. The other reason is I just fumbled around and it just was not good.

Anyways – I was shooting this, the kids were in the care playing their video games (which is great for keeping them consumed while I driving around looking to capture the moment), it was snowing like made, it was cold and the scene was just truly beautiful. So there I was all setup and ready to shoot my first shot, tripod down and sure enough – car comes and I have to grab my gear and run off the road. Then I got all setup again and decided to record a behind the scenes, then I decided I wanted to shoot it again in landscape mode and a couple appeared on the other side of the bridge slowly walking through and enjoying the winter wonderland. I waited them and as they got to where I was setup, the gentleman carrying a DSLR stopped and looked and said “WOW! He is capturing the…that is so cool!…” you fill in the blanks šŸ˜‰

Technical Detail
Canon 5D III, Canon 17-40L, shot at F/11 and ISO 100, 5 shot exposure from -2 to +2