Where is the snow and junk???
So it is Christmas, but here in Ohio someone has forgotten to tell mother nature that we would like to have some snow and stuff…I really love this time of year and with it I would really like to have some cold and snow. I love hot fires in the buck stove, looking outside and seeing snow and frost – all things that go with Christmas time. I am going to do something a little different today and post a couple shots in here you dont mind do you?

Today’s Photo – Christmas Wonderland
There is this great historic place called Clifton Mill that most people from this area know about. Me and my youngest son went there last night and had a great time. We got there early and it was rainy so we waited for it to stop and then went in. Though we should have checked the website first – the lights dont come on until 6pm my idea was to get there early and take dramatic shots of the clouds etc – well that was completely foiled. I am going to have to talk with them really nicely and see if I am able to get them to turn them on early just for me :-D. So anyways the two shots – one of the “program” they hand out and one of the mill and lights. I love going to this place and will back again to shoot more of it. Also as a reminder you can click on any of them images to go to my portfolio and see larger sizes.