Yikes – Sorry about that!
Well, I kind of lost track of posting daily photos…the last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. However I am back now and hope to get a few in the queue and ready to post. Holidays trip up everyone’s time – I will try to get back on posting dailyish <----- yes that is a made up word by Moi 🙂 Today’s Photo – Life is Good
So me and my buddy Jeremi decided to go out and shoot at night the other night and shoot…well I decided to go and nudged him in to coming with me. We went to a near by outdoor shopping center where they had decorated for Christmas (my tied for first favorite time to shoot) which I will post some of later. While we were walking around and shooting there was a guy walking around that asked us a number of questions and asked if it was okay to shoot us – I dont recall his name though I do have it in my iPhone (note to self Chris – Email dude)

Anyways I am way off on a tangent here, so I was setting up to shoot a shot had my tripod and camera mounted in the middle of the street shooting and on the last shot a car came down the road (the nerve of them!!!) and I had to pull the tripod mid shoot of a long exposure that made it look crazy. Anyways I got back to the sidewalk and setup for this shot that I thought was going to be meh – you be the judge. I originally thought that it would look great in full color as I usually like popping colors. But I just felt like this one should be BW and so I did the unthinkable and converted it. I might post the color version as well at some point. Anyways – here is the shot, hope you enjoy.