Uh Oh…
I am lost for words this time…

This normally doesnt happen, I am usually able to pop something out except for when I am sick or have a made a mistake (which I dont tend to handle well – whose with me???)

Which is it this time??? You figure it out 🙂

Today’s photo
While working in Austin on a Sunday, I took off for a few hours to get some relax time in – I had been working there all and on the road for a while and really needed to relax. I put on the headphones and went off to this super secret place that a good friend of mine recommended, the vast array of things that I was able to shoot there was just awesome. This is not a typical Chris shot, but hey who says I only have to shoot one style or one thing?? It is about “Capturing the Moment” – that is kinda my tag line for many things that I shoot.

Anyways – does anyone know what kind of flower this is? And does anyone see anything in the photo that doesnt pop out?? Yeah hidden nugget go find it!!