Been crazy busy!!!
So I have not been able to post anything in a while, I have photos there to post just have not had time to post them. This is normally how I do this –

Take photos, dump them, pick one off to edit, upload to my gallery awaiting posting. Then I will go in and write a blog posting with a picture that I am feeling like posting (you lost yet?? Good hang in there) and the I schedule that to post at a certain time which also post to twitter for me. Today is the exception as I am writing this one live, today in the flesh.

So now that you are all totally confused and have listened to me ramble I shall get on with today’s photo.

Today’s Photo
While in Austin one night I went out with a group from G+. We went to all different places, in and out of bars listening to local music and just having a great time. We walked in to this little bar that had some music going, and as I listened all I heard was “screaming”. Now I am a fan of all kinds of music – this week I have remembered a lot of songs that I thought I had forgotten but not really forgotten – yeah that made sense…however this type of “screaming” I am not a fan of. However seeing the music being played and the musicians creating this noise (to me this is noise and I dont understand the music behind it) it was fun to see them talk between songs and then turn on the scream for the song. This was the guitarist and the lead vocals, I made the lead look as scary as it sounded in there(yes, you get two photos today :)).