so I completely did not follow through on my challenge to myself to use only one lens for the next 10 shots, or did I? I did not say when I would use that lens only that the next 10 that intend to post would be with a certain lens, and so since I have already shot the below photo I have not yet broke that challenge – that sounded complicated, on to the good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Which camera is better
One of the first thing that people ask when they see my photo’s is – WOW – you must have a nice camera or what kind of camera do you use?? I have touched on the this subject in the past I believe – however I cant seem to find the post. So one of the following questions is “Which is better, Nikon or Canon?” This is simple: Both are great pieces of equipment. At the high end spectrum each offer a great body with similar features. This comes down to preference as well as previously owned equipment. If you have a lot of glass built up then you will mostly choose that brand, if you are just getting started that is a bit more in depth question to ponder. But all in all they both make really great cameras. Both companies also offer enticing videos of a product to help persuade the potential buyers. Below are two of my favorite videos from Nikon and one from a third party for Canon. I will admit that the Nikon D800 video really hit me in the soft spot and I think that it was really really well done. I almost chose the Nikon D800 over the Canon 5D III – but this video had nothing to do with that decision ๐Ÿ˜‰

Canon 60D Training Video

Nikon D800 Short Video

Today’s Photo | Laser’s into the night
I was out shooting really close to my house one night and caught this scene as the clouds moved one way, the laser’s from the cars came right to me.