How often do you make plans then change your mind? I would like to encourage you to to follow through with whatever it is that you set your mind to accomplish. If you feel strongly about something, let nothing hold you back nor let anyone speak negativity to your dream. I have many things left to accomplish on this earth, I have a list of 3-4 things at the top on my horizon, I will pick them off one by one 🙂

There are many people that will try to bring you down, change your opinion or disagree with certain things. I have this happen a lot from things like as simple as what phone I feel is the best (errrmmm iPhone vs Android) to how I process a photo – dont get me wrong here some of the disagreement or negative comments need to be heard, but don’t let them waiver you on the core of what you feel. If you are going to grow in something you need to hear the bad as well as the good so dont take every remark that is not glowing as a cut down, rather hear it and analyze it looking for the intent of the comment. If that made no sense let me know and I will try to explain it in more detail.

Today’s Photo
Here is a photo that gets me back to my love – it is not secret that I love well done HDR (no, I am not saying that this an example of well done HDR – though I admit that I am happy with how it came out) and that I dont think that post processing is the devil – yes there are some that say you cant edit a photo. There are times (such as photo journalism) that editing a photo is not okay, however for the purposes of art I feel that the magic is made there. I have a very love and hate relationship with post processing – I could edit a photo for hours or over days before it is ready. A friend of mine recently gave me a great piece of advice – he said edit, edit and then edit 5 more times if you have too, the great thing is we can go right back to step one with the RAW file if needed to get to the outcome that we want and that represents us as photographers well. I may have put that in my own words, but that is what I got out of it. This came when editing a photo of a model which I dont do that often.