Not much to say today other than…
I cant wait to get home and process from photos! I have a lot that are just sitting there waiting on me to do something with them. I often get asked about photo’s that I have taken and where they are? I must admit that I have a weird workflow when it comes to taking the photos and then processing them. I could probably stand to dial this process in a bit and make it a little more streamlined and structured especially since I tend to be OCD about everything. This is a small part of my life that is a bit disorganized. My process is simple though – go take photos, come home, dump photos to folder, briefly look, if anything catches my eye start processing it but often times they lay there dormant for a while and I come back to them and pluck a few out to process. So you might see an image today that I took months ago sometimes years ago.

Today’s Photo
This little guy came and landed on my oldest son while we were at lunch in a butterfly house. There were a ton of monarchs roaming about and this guy just landed like he was saying “look at me, I am more interesting, turn your camera this way and shoot me!”