Guess whose back…back again…
Well, I have been having such a fun time posting my non-usual photos that I forgot that I had this one sitting there waiting to post. This does not mean that I am back to posting only those types of shots – just the opposite – I will be mixing back and forth depending on mood I suppose 🙂

Off track
Let’s get off track for a moment – if you dont want to ride along – feel free to just skip to view today’s daily photo.
Having said that – who is looking forward to “The Avengers” coming to BluRay??? I cant wait! I believe that it is coming to stores and digital media on September 25th – are you going to preorder? You bet I am!! I love that movie and think that EVERYONE should watch it as well as Thor – yes I am a big geek and love the superhero movies – guess which one is my favorite?

Heck I might give away a free print if you guess it correctly – and if we have talked about it and you know you are not allowed to give it away!

Today’s Photo
A month or so back you might remember me posting an instagram photo from behind the scenes – you can see that photo by clicking here and the resulting shot below –