Well, Today I am not going to be to sentimental, however I believe in remembering those that are near to you even when they have passed on. There is not a day that has gone by that I have not remembered my Grandmother and Grandfather, today’s photo is hint of that explained below

Today’s Photo
If any of you know me, or my family or knew my grandmother and grandfather you would know why we have these tremendous feelings for them. Today would have been my grandmothers birthday and though she is gone for this earth she celebrates still in heaven. This photo was really captivating to me, as I walked up upon it’s view it said so much to me personally. This is also the cemetery where a lot of my family, friends and friends family have been laid to rest. Many goodbyes have been said here and the somber mood of the photo should be met with the fact that there hanging on the cross is the one that will allow us to see them again. I suggest clicking on the the photo to see it larger (as with all the shots here)