Change is in the air
A while ago I decided that the next 10 shots that I did would be black and white. I really hate deciding something like that because I normally do not follow through with it. The above is case in point – I did not shoot 10 in a row that were black and white, however I have shot 10 black and white since then that I like. I have posted a few already starting with “I miss Ansel”, I am not sure what count I am up to but doesnt really matter to me 🙂

So what is the change mentioned above??
Well, I have been looking at a lot of photos lately which is where I draw inspiration from sometimes. And as I look I see subtle things and sometimes obvious things – one of the obvious is the use or non-use of HDR. Now I have mentioned before that I dont always shoot HDR however I do a lot of the time as I just like that style. Here is a sample of NON HDR’s that I have shot “As the water falls”>, “City of Dayton at Night” and “Another Spring View”. I think that I might (and I stress MIGHT – because I might not follow through :)) try the next 10 in NON HDR – we will see how it goes

Today’s Photo
I have always liked these type of shots – country, roll’s of hay and solace. I have never gotten to take one though until this year. This shots are not always as they seem – this looks to be in isolation of everything – but was it??