Future Location’s??
I like many photographers have a list of locations that I want to shoot. I usually keep that list to myself but often get asked where I would like to shoot. So I decided to etch a list of stone (well, not really, nothing even close, it is the net I can change it at a moments notice ;))

If you want to know what is on the list, Click here to read my ever growing list. Also leave a comment there if you have questions or want to suggest a place to add to my list 🙂

Site redesign update
I still have not decided on a design for the site, I have changed it from what it used to be, but not sure that I like this 100% and will continue to look to improve the overall feel and look. I would like this is be interactive with all of you as much as possible. With the amount of brain cycles we have while living I think that it is important to make the best of those cycles positively affecting others 🙂

Today’s Photo
This was taken at a center town market where there was a person setup playing instruments. Very small town, everyone knows everyone so to see the guy with the camera walking through was probably disturbing. However I liked how this one came out – I will have to look to see if I have one of the guy playing.