Not normal
Well, ever since this one shoot I have been shooting a lot of things that are out of my normal comfort zone. I think that I will keep this as it is forcing me to grow and view things different, stay creative. I think this is ever so important and being out of the comfort zone is what makes us grow I think. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to grow. Finding your “not normal” is way more important than staying normal 😉

Today’s Photo
Here is one shot that I really liked out of this set. I know that it is a classic shot that has been done many times – I have never tried it and when I did, it really sparked something new. I usually do not shoot people and I really do not enjoy shooting people, however after this and knowing that a special tender moment has been captured I really am re-thinking my strategy. This by no means says that I will start shooting people – it simply means that I am going to strive to understand this aspect of photography and practice with volunteers.