Summer where are going so fast???
Is it just me or is summer just flying by fast?? We normally take a week and go to Charleston – this year we are not doing that, and though Charleston is my most favorite place to go, we have had fun around here. I can remember being young, and thinking man, this summer is awesome I get 3 months off. Sometimes it would go fast, sometimes it would seem slow. Now having kids of my own it just seems that we have so little time to enjoy and everything just zooms right by us. Kind of sad really I think. Enjoy your time as it is shorter than you think…

Today’s Photo
Found this little guy and chased him all over the place trying to get a shot. I have 3 different version of this photo and could not make up my mind which I liked better. I am posting one here and will save the others for later or maybe never 🙂