Dont know why I am going to go off on a sidebar tangent here, just skip to the picture if you want. Have you ever just sat there and wondered – seriously? Is what this person saying true? You know the type – you say something and they say one better and always have to get the last word? People watching is fun, especially when you see this happen from afar. Tangent done.

Still working on this, I was doing some test last night and I might be close to picking the new site design – what a big PITA though! A lot of work ahead. Tutorials coming as well as some sharing of others work that I like. Lots of exciting things coming I think. It’s never to late 😉

Today’s Photo
This is the Mighty King Cobra – first off let me say that I HATE snakes. No matter if they are back behind glass or not, they move I jump like a started squirrel. I am trying to get over this, I will let you know how it goes.

I found this guy at the Zoo, he was laying looking at me like – Chris, if that glass was not there I would flare my hood and bite you, so go ahead and take your picture, I am going to glare at you like the BAD @$$ I am! No, I was not shaking the whole time…why do you ask? Anyways this was through some rather dirty glass, I kind of feel sorry for these things.