Few and Far
Hello all, been out and about doing some traveling and a small amount of shooting. Mostly just spending time with the kids :). I had very scarce internets and it was so nice to unplug from everything and just relax. Though I have to admit I killed a lot of phone batteries trying to pick up a signal. Hopefully I will have a few shots to share with you when I get back.

The right feel
I had a conversation with a friend of mine that mentioned he loves photography but doesnt like HDR. He mentioned that it just does not feel right to him and that editing is where it happens.

I agree that editing is important though I obviously like my HDR 🙂 What do you like? What feels right to you?

Today’s Photo – Sunset in the Mountains
I was in the place we were staying and my father came in and said – have you seen the sunset? I said nope, I looked out and saw this gorgeous sunset, though I was not prepared to shoot anything and had no location to shoot I grabbed my tripod and camera bag and raced out the door and into the truck. By the time I got settled sunset was almost gone and this is what was left…