New style
I am hoping to revamp the site with a new style, I apologize in advance if I muck it all up 😀
If you check in and notice that things have switched around, dont get used it! I might switch it 10 times before finding a good one that I like…

Today’s Photo
After shooting what seemed like an eternity of a wedding with my buddy Jeremi we both came to unwind and pack gear up, download photos etc. We were shooting a top a great place in Dayton Ohio The Racquet Club. This place is awesome on all sorts of levels ans has probably the best view of the city. This was the first time that I had been up there. We put all of our gear in a room that was awesome in itself, but the view of the city was awesome. So we killed the lights, and setup the tripods after getting all of our gear back out again…this is one that I came up with.