Shooting a lot lately!
So I have been shooting a lot lately, not of what I normally shoot, however I have been have a ton of fun with it. I have shot everything from Weddings to remote control airplanes to babies however I have not shot ANY landscapes or HDR as of late??? I might have to get back to that real soon.

As I am trying to build this – whatever it is and whatever it is to become – if you have suggestions of things you would like to see shot please feel free to let us know. I cant say that I will take the exact shot if you are detailed, however I will entertain and try to shoot my best a subject matter or location. I never take a shot that someone suggest if they are detailed to it, I would rather get inspiration from hearing a location or subject and then shoot that as there are no expectations to meet. I also like to find things that most people would not think to shoot and try to make that artistic.

Today’s Photo – The looking Glass
This is one that I really want to go back and take again. After looking at it and processing it I really have other ideas for shooting. I cant wait to get back and shoot this location again – in case you are not sure it is Folly Beach – South Carolina.