So one of my favorite places to shoot is the National Museum of the United States Air Force – to us that live simply Wright Patt. I went on a trip with my good friend Jeremi a while ago – months ago as in January. It is funny how at the time I went through these and really did not like anything that I got for the most part. My method (though not the right one) is I go dump all the photos to a folder (all RAWs) and then I pick them off when I find something interesting. So I might take one today and not get to process it for 6-8 months. I had not gotten to shoot in a while which also means that I did not get to process, so I started going through a bunch of stuff from this trip looking for a few specifically. I found this one and liked it after processing it – whats your thoughts?

I did not think that I had anything good from this trip, then found a few I really liked months later –