Ok, so here we go. I told myself I would never ever ever do this – what you ask? A 365 type project that forces me to pickup a camera and shoot something daily even if I dont want to. My buddy Jeremi does his and he let me borrow his go to lens that he uses – the 100mm, so I think I am going to try to commit (don’t you like the non-committal commitment that I just forgot to commit to?) to shooting something daily even if it is not what I typically shoot and post a fresh image daily. Though I will mix in some of my typical stuff for days that I fail to shoot anything on.

Ok, now on to the POTD (Post of the Day for those that don’t follow my gibberish)
I went out shooting with my buddy Jeremi over the weekend. We had planned to shoot a glorious sunrise over the lake and scoffed at by mother nature who had the last laugh. But while we were there we did walk about the park and shoot whatever we found interesting. This is one that I came up with –