Ok, so I have to confess this is well beyond what I typically shoot – non-HDR Macro???? Chris, what are you thinking?? Well, I was thinking that I wanted to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and shoot other things. Not to mention that I got a great new to me camera – the Canon 5D Mark II (yes we know the III is out, I will have one of those), couple that with the fact that a good friend of mine Jeremi Blurton let me borrow a 100mm Macro lens. The camera and lens are both off the charts and I I am enjoying them beyond what I can explain.

So on to the photo – what we have here almost became frogger – you know that game of the frog crossing the road and getting spatted by a car? I walked out of the house to dump the ash bucket from the fireplace and darn near stepped on the little fella. I ran in told the kids to come look and grabbed my 5D II with the 100mm and shot this real quick before I lost the sun light.

This was shot at f4.5, 1/125 and ISO 2500.